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Topic: Ealing Housing repairs
Posted by: Dennis Fuller
Date/Time: 04/04/24 19:26:00

Last year on the 30th of June I saw water Leaking through my kitchen light fitting. I called my upstairs neighbour and he informed the Council and they sent a plumber to turn the water off. After the weekend I saw that the water was still coming through the light fitting. I called the repairs team but they told me that as I was mot the Tenant they could not help me. After a number of calls and an appeal to my local Councilor they decided to send 2 Surveyors and a plumber on September the 11th, the plumber arrived at approximately 9.30 pm and the leak stopped about 15 minutes later shortly afterwards the 2 surveyors arrived. They obviously shocked to see the damage caused to my home, when they came into the kitchen they asked me when the leak had stopped. I told them about 2o minutes ago. They went upstairs and told me that he had fixed 2 leaks, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Not bad eh 2 and a half months to repair a leak. after this they sent an email to the Councilor stating they had repaired the leak and every one was happy. I replied to this saying I was not happy. I was and still am absolutely disgusted with Ealing Housing Repairs Team and there contracted Plumbers. There is a lot more to this story and I would be very happy to speak to the Local Democracy Reporter to see if he would like to put it into the Paper.

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