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Topic: Social media Marketeer neded ASAP
Posted by: Paula Gjesdal
Date/Time: 19/09/20 11:55:00

Hello Neighbours.I have recently set up a not-for-profit organisation,, which has funding to deliver an 8-week online Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Training, at low cost, to the residents of South Acton and the surrounding neighbourhoods, particularly those who have never tried it before.

The Course starts on 4th October.  It is evidenced-based to address depression, anxiety and stress with an enduring impact.  The teacher, Dr Caroline Hoffman, has superb credentials.  Here she is describing some of the benefits of the course:

I am looking for a Social Media Marketeer who can assist me over the course of the next 10 days, by getting the word out across Acton and Ealing  - FB, Twitter, Eventbrite, etc.  I am very poor at this I have realised;  what is a tag and is there such a thing as tag etiquette? Do I need a FB page or an FB Group?  Can I use Eventbrite without tickets?  How to make the most of Twitter? If you know the answer to these conundrums then you can probably help me a lot. I expect about 2hrs per day would be enough, but I would take your advice on this.

I have a range of social media flyers ready on Canva - just waiting to be issued on various platforms - some might need to be reconfigured for differing platforms which is not too hard on Canva.

Part of the funding even allows for Digital Inclusion - whereby laptops and broadband will be provided for those participants who might require them.  (A BIG thank you to David from this forum for his help in this part of the project)

I can pay a small fee for the right person. You can contact me at

Finally, I hope you get the chance to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze today

With thanks

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