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Topic: Try Meditation for Free - online Today at Noon
Posted by: Paula Gjesdal
Date/Time: 15/09/20 09:42:00

You are invited to join us today at Noon in our new online meditation group for South Acton and surrounding neighbourhoods.

It will be held today from 12pm - 12.50pm on Zoom link:

We set up the group for people who want to try Mindfulness for the first time or to strengthen their current practise. As you may have heard, Mindfulness is proven to be an excellent method for easing stress and promoting calm, compassion and a sense of wellbeing. 

Every Tuesday at midday, Peter Jacobs will guide a few simple techniques that promote calm and a sense of wellbeing towards self and others.

For more information email
or simply jump onto zoom and join us. 
It is free.  Hope to see you there

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