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Topic: Classic Cinema Club-Ealing
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Posted by: Ann Pav
Date/Time: 12/05/11 08:29:00

I'd just like everyone to know that we are launching a community film club for lovers of good films this Friday at Ealing Town Hall, 7pm. Tickets £7.50 and £6 concs with document. Post film-discussion
The theme of the Club is World cinema and we will be screening the best films from around the world.  Each month will feature a different country.
The May films feature some of the best black and whites ever made.
Friday 13 May  "City Lights" by Charlie Chaplin. To be opened by Cllr Potts and an enthusiast will bring along one of Charlie's canes and hats (real, honest!)
Friday 20 May "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang (Germany 1927)
Friday 27 May "Ivan the Terrible" by Sergei Eisenstein (Russia 1944)
June will feature 4 of the best French classics.   To keep up to date contact:

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