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Topic: Web business partner wanted
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Posted by: Darren Halford
Date/Time: 10/04/11 20:02:00


I am looking for an Ealing based, web savvy IT engineer to join me on a web-based business idea. No money needed to invest but the following skills necessary:

Experience of building and running a successful website
Database management and build
Experience and expertise in Java, HTML and other relevant programs

If you currently work on web-based projects and are fully competent in all areas of web business and you'd like to try something new that might result in success I'd like to hear from you. The hours would have to be after work

I must stress, this is a punt. It might not be successful but what's the harm in trying? I come from a journalism/marketing background but am woefully bad at programming.

Email me at if you're interested in a new project.

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