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Topic: Car Chase.
Posted by: Andy Williams
Date/Time: 01/02/11 01:18:00

Car Chase.
Anyone know anything about a huge police chase through the borough on Monday night? At about 11.30pm on Acton High St 17 - yes SEVENTEEN - police cars were seen chasing a silver merc driving on at least one wheel-rim not very fast. Shortly after they were seen on  Popes Lane then Greenford Ave. That's 34 coppers chasing probably 1-4 hoodies, and any other crims in the borough could doubtless go about their business unhindered. when I was assaulted on Acton High St the cops were too busy to investigate - now I can see why. When will the police realise that they are playing right in to these kids'  hands? They got an exciting chase - and think of the street cred of boasting that you showed your tail to 17 cops!

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