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Topic: Re:Re:Re:JIMI HENDRIX doc
Posted by: David Dix
Date/Time: 08/10/10 08:40:00

u may be interested in this tale i posted on the westealing site a few weeks ago:

My (Northfields) newsagent  told me a fabulous story yesterday,  when i went to pay my newspaper bill. it dates from about 10 or 15 years ago when an old lady from Balfour Road revealed that once back in the late 60s her 18-year-old daughter had had this (unacceptable epithet for person of colour) called Jimi Hendrix back to the house for her birthday. old lady evidently had no idea who jimi was (the daughter  apparently ended up marrying phil "philthy" taylor out of Motorhead, whom the old lady always referred to as "Philip"). anyway, my newsagent expressed disbelief so the next time she was in she brought a handful of battered and creased b&w photos clearly showing jimi, in all his spotty peacock regalia, in this old lady's front room and blowing out the candles on the daughter's birthday cake. marvellous!
now I knew jimi spent some time in the area as 1. mitch mitchell was from greenford and 2. he (jimi) and eric used to hang out at Jim Marshall's shop inHanwell,  when he (Marshall) began making his now-legendary amplifiers.  
But Wikipedia says Jimi owwned a house in Hanwell which he never lived in. can anyone authenticate this?

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