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Topic: Pub Sunday Lunches
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Posted by: Bernie Paul
Date/Time: 21/10/09 15:15:00

I noticed there is a review for The North Star on the home page but I thought nevertheless I would ask if anyone can really recommend any pubs in the locality for a really good Sunday roast lunch consisting of actual real meat! Or perhaps I should say, what I call real meat i.e. cut from a joint not slices of catering meat that I haven't eaten since my school dinner days a very long time ago!

I am beginning to think that either I am extremely hard to please or everyone else is extremely easy to please and I'm really not sure which it is.

Last Sunday, quite by accident, I found myself in the Fox in Green Lane, Hanwell, with my sister who talked me into ordering lunch. (We did this once before well over a year ago and I had forgotten how poor I had thought it then). Anyway, all the tables appeared to be reserved but we knew someone who was already there and so we shared their table. They ordered beef we ordered lamb. The people on the next table ordered chicken (pork was not an option) however between us we seemed to have covered all options. All meals arrived and were school dinners - meat was some generic sliced catering meat with a very vague lamb flavour - veg was real and ok - cauliflower cheese (virtually minus cheese) decent roast pots and mash (which was unnecessary) carrots and ? What appeared to be home made Yorkshires (burnt) and tasteless gravy of a muddy consistency all that for 9

Perhaps it's just me because the place was certainly busy both inside and out so presumably they are doing something right but I'm blowed if I know what.

The week before we had lunch in the Globe in Brentford where we had pork which though not great was at least cut from a joint and gravy was at least tasty. However I did notice that the beef and chicken also appeared to be catering slices. However they were only charging 5.95 and offering 20% off for pensioners or students. Not great but definitely better than The Fox and obviously cheaper.

Since the Nelson (also in Brentford) changed hands (they used to do a Sunday roast beef/pork/lamb/ half a chicken - all organic for 7.50) we are at a loss to find a decent Sunday lunch at a fair price.

Surely there must be a pub somewhere capable of using real meat and making gravy that tastes of something - anyone know where that is?

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