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Topic: St.Mary's Churchyard
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Posted by: Constance Ella Sullivan
Date/Time: 14/05/09 14:57:00

I was pleased to see the church yard was cleaned up.It states the churchyard ceased to be a cemetery in 1903.I attended Grange School from 1954 till 1961 and during that time there was at least one burial in the yard.It was likely a family grave I assume.The gravestone that stood out for us all was that of a girl aged 2 who died in 1868,her parents are buried there too.Her name was Charlotte Amelia...the inscription included this verse:
Do not weep my parents dear
For I am not dead but sleeping here
Though short was my life
The longer be my rest
God called me first
Because He loved me best

I wonder if students still pass by and read that verse?
Would value any othercomments!

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