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Topic: Webinar & Interview with Peter Mason, Leader LBE on 19th Oct at 11 am
Posted by: Rosco White
Date/Time: 08/10/21 11:57:00

Tuesday October 19, 11:00 - 12:00

Ask The Voice of Authority:
Cllr Peter Mason, Leader, Ealing Council

A live interview with Cllr Peter Mason, Leader, Ealing Council, to ask: what is on his wish list for the borough, what challenges does he face in delivering recovery, growth and development in Ealing and what sort of partners is he seeking to help overcome those challenges and deliver that wish list.

We'll also seek to paint a picture of the man behind the vision for the borough: who and what have influenced his views on growth? What were the watershed moments that formed these views? And what are his personal passions and pastimes?

Watch the live interview and take your chance to submit a question. Use the 'Questions and Comments' form below to submit your questions for Cllr Mason, and get ready to be called onto the screen to Ask The Voice of Authority...


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