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Topic: Doubling up on home insurance
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Posted by: Christine Mulligan
Date/Time: 22/05/20 09:48:00

I've just been renewing my home insurance only to find that last year I had two policies. The provider from the year before had auto renewed and I hadn't seen the payment go through and all the documentation was 'virtual' so there was no prompt to make me aware I still had a policy with them.

I feel such an idiot but would like to try and get some money back. Do insurers have any obligation to refund if there are duplicate policies?

Not that given the above anyone should take advice from me but do be sure to not accept any auto-renewal quote. When I queried it with the insurer I had assumed I had they immediately knocked the price down to a better rate than I would have got on price comparison sites. That was over 100 earned for one quite short phone call.

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