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Topic: Refugee needs room to rent accessible to Gunnersbury Starbucks
Posted by: Sara Nathan
Date/Time: 01/03/20 19:49:00

Our Refugees At Home guest has been with us since last summer. We like him so much that we haven't suggested he move on. Also he is a really good cook, and very easy to live with, so we haven't been in a hurry. But it's probably time.

He is very pleasant chap in his late thirties with a job at Starbucks in Chiswick and an ambition to resume his career as a teacher. His English is pretty good but he needs to pass his IELTS language exam, so he can start a PGCE in September.

He is about to increase his hours at Starbucks which means that, in spite of them only paying minimum wage (shameful in my opinion) he can now afford rent. Just not masses of rent. Maybe 400-450 a month.

Anyone have a room on which they need some but not a HUGE amount of rent?

Please post here or DM me, if you might be able to take him as a lodger.


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