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Topic: “Stop The Towers” – Yer gotta laugh.
Posted by: Rosco White
Date/Time: 18/02/20 15:41:00

Whilst these things were being granted & built en masse in North Acton, that was OK, much of the rest of Acton and virtually all of Ealing didn’t give a fornicating toss.

Fast Forward and they're creeping into all of Acton, and, egads, Ealing, as I foretold years ago, and will be on people’s doorsteps, the good denizens are suddenly full of indignation and up in arms!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all VERY much “For” Direct Action on BellEnd’s doorstep to stop these Towers in their tracks, it’s just a shame that these motivations didn’t happen LONG ago and you supported your fellow local citizens a bit more. 

It’s all rather late in the day now innit?

Enjoy Your Local Towers.

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“Stop The Towers” – Yer gotta laugh.18/02/20 15:41:00 Rosco White
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