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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Labour antisemitism
Posted by: Peter Chadburn
Date/Time: 11/06/19 16:29:00

It is obvious that there is an issue. However the main issue is with people on the edges of the labour party and non members which was reported as why there are some complaints that can't be dealt with. But also the slowness of the leadership in recognising that an issue exists that needed to be dealt with. There is also a group of people including the press that are running scared of a labour government. so the daily mail and other papers are looking for stories. There is a question of those supporting Palestinian rights which are getting accused of being an anti-semite. But the suporters of the current Israeli government with their support for the settlements want to confuse the opposition. A labour government that recognised the Palestinian nation is the last thing they want. Mike Pompeo said the same yesterday. Labour has had a strong tradition of supporting Jewish people in this country and also friendship with the people of Israel after the war. Also strong links with the kibbutz movement. So there are a lot of areas in which an accusation can be made. By supporting Palestinian rights you get accused of being anti-semitic when in fact you are highlighting an injustice. However abusing an MP because of their religion or links to people within Israel or any other country is wrong. Rightly we need to fight bigotry and racism but when we see Boris being touted as Conservative leader we know that there is one standard for one group and another standard for others. So it is ok to cheat on your wife, have a child to a mistress, have girlfriends take abortions, take cocaine, lie to parliament, lie to the public and be totally useless in your job but god forbid that you are slow to tackle one issue affecting your party.
but be the best choice to lead your party

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