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Topic: Homeless to occupy empty buildings
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Posted by: Arthur Breens
Date/Time: 14/03/16 08:33:00

There is a housing crisis. It looks as though our council leader and the housing/regeneration/planning team are at a conference in Cannes trying to solve it. However the other week I popped into St Mary's Church Ealing and noticed staff and volunteers setting up beds and cooking food for a homeless group. St Mary's is one of the 20 or so churches participating in the Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelter programme. My fear is that the council team seem easily able to help developers build homes for the rich but do little for the poor or for the homeless. One of the team lives a stone's throw from St Mary's good example. And a stone's throw from Perceval Castle is the old YMCA in Bond Street owned by the council that could have easily housed albeit on a hostel basis many homeless. It has laid empty for almost 5 years.

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